Caldwell County Traditional
Musicians Showcase

April 2002

Jerry & Amanda McLean

Amanda teaches 6th Grade at William Lenoir Middle School. Jerry
works for the Meridian Corporation. They've been married seven
years and are the newlyweds of this group. The McLeans live in
the Lower Creek area. They met through music circles.

The McLeans have two children. Alyssa (6) enjoys singing and shows
interest in piano and fiddle. Elijah (1 1/2) already knows instruments
by name -- sometimes not the usual name, but by name just the same.
Elijah has recently said "mandolin" in his own special way.

Both Amanda and Jerry are from Caldwell County. Jerry graduated from
South Caldwell High, Amanda from West Caldwell High. They're currently
playing in The Good News Band (Gospel Bluegrass) and in Wire Grass
(Bluegrass and acoustic). Both have played in area bands for years:
Jerry in Stampede and Common Ground, Amanda in Select and Dazzle.

On I Do Re Mi:
"When I Set Out For Glory"

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