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Just so we understand:

Please repeat after me, "DC is not a wedding photographer." He's a photographer who sometimes shoots weddings. So he doesn't have 'packages' or a set routine when it comes to weddings. They're all different.

That said, you still need to know what to expect and what it'll all cost. So here are some notes on logistics and pricing.

Ahead of Time:

Let's get together well ahead of the ceremony to work out what you have in mind. Maybe we can do some neat engagement photos to see how we work together and to further refine our expectations. I'd prefer to do this in my home studio, but other arrangements work.

If your wedding is particularly elaborate, please let me know about the rehearsal even if you don't want rehearsal dinner photos so I can get a sense of the place and timing and begin to recognize everyone involved. I don't need to eat, but this can be a good time to see the venue, understand the timeline, and put some faces and names together. If your wedding is in a public space or some other easily accessed venue, I'll make it a point to explore on my own and arrive early.

If you have "set pieces" or group photos you consider essential, please assign someone to "wrangle" your guests and members of the wedding party into them. I don't know when all the brothers or nieces or family friends are gathered into a group, so be sure someone who does know can help shepherd your friends and relatives into their appropriate groups. Otherwise.... I'll do the best I can, but if Uncle Roger is not in the photo, don't blame me when the inheritance doesn't come through.

On the Day of the Ceremony:

I'll shoot all day, from the arrival of the wedding party (or before) to the end of the reception. If you want candids beginning with the bride's preparations, my wife (and de facto advisor, assistant, protocol officer and managing partner) will join the bride's party at home or whenever you wish and capture as many candids as you like. On the pricing page, this is the "2 cameras" option.

During the ceremony, I'll work discretely to capture significant moments and assorted candids. No flash during the ceremony, of course. If a strobe goes off during the "Do you take's" or "I do's" it will not be one of mine!

I'll set up a portable studio for group shots and formals at the reception (or before the services, as you think best).

After the Honeymoon

While you honeymoon, set up housekeeping, or go back to work as the case may be, I'll go through the take and select proofs. I may very well shoot 2-3,000 frames. You'll probably see a few hundred, processed to a point that reveals their potential. Those are your proofs. If you want to see more of the take, or if we need to find the one picture that might accidentally show Uncle Roger, we'll work it out.

Then you sit down at your computer (or with your optional printed proofs) and go through the photos to select the ones you want in finished form for your wedding album, for keepsakes, for gifts. I'll clean those up (sharpen, color balance, adjust compositon, etc), and either have them printed for you at a specialty lab (White House Custom Color of Minneapolis) or produce CD's from which you can print what you want at your convenience.

Preparing proofs and finishing photos is NOT a fast or automated process. I'll spend far more time on those stages than actually shooting. Don't count on seeing most finished imagery sooner than 2-3 weeks after the ceremony. I'll rush a few for you share on social media, but most images will take a little while.


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