An Ambitious Panorama:

the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

I shot the panorama below while standing at the brink of the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, leaning over the railing as far as I dared, sweeping left to right to take three rows of vertical shots with a Nikon D100 and a 12-24mm Nikkor lens (all frames: 1/125 sec, F10, 24mm).

(Click the image to view a larger version.)

The enlarged image is 1/64 the size of the full res panorama which in turn is about 1/10 the potential size of a panorama constructed using full-sized subframes.

The photograph consists of approximately 30 frames stitched together by Autostitch software. (I say "approximately" because there were 42 frames in the full effort which included an extended view to the right of the Yellowstone River approaching the falls around a bend; that portion, consisting of about 12 frames, was not included in this composition.)

When I shot this panorama in October 2004, I knew I'd never have the patience to put it together manually using Panorama Pro, but I hoped appropriate software would eventually be available. It is, in spades. Autostitch did its work unattended, uncorrected. (The highest resolution image I've built from these data to date is 7200 x 3600 pixels; it took 2.5 hours on a 3Ghz P4, with 512MB of RAM; there's a lot more data available.) Thanks, Eric, for the pointer to Autostitch software.

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All images copyright 2005, David Cortner.
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