Caldwell County Traditional
Musicians Showcase

April 2002

Tommy & Tracy Smith

Tommy works at Blowing Rock Gardens and Landscape. He's the Worship
Leader at Calvary Advent Christian Church in Whitnel. Tracy is a
professor at Appalachian State University, a consultant with the
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, and an all-around
big-wig. Tommy and Tracy will have been married 12 years on July 21.

The Smiths met when Tracy sang in the choir at Lenoir Community Church
and Tommy began playing guitar for the choir. They began singing a few
duets together, and the rest is history.

The Smiths perform Sunday morning music at Calvary Advent Christian
Church. They occasionally sing at Joe Shannon's Mountainhome Music
shows in Boone. And, it "Seems we have sung at every wedding in Caldwell
County since the late 80's." Both were born in Caldwell County and both
graduated from West Caldwell High School.

On I Do Re Mi:
"The Blessing of the Fleet"
"Church Without Walls"

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