Caldwell County Traditional
Musicians Showcase

April 2002

David & Lynne Lovatto

Lynne works at the Shaire Center as supervisor for nursing
assistants. David is 3rd shift grocery manager at Winn Dixie
and teaches private lessons at Mac's Musical Madness. Married
for 30 years, they've been playing music together for 28. They
have three children: Keziah (27), Ian (26), and Kayela (19). The
Lovattos played in the bands Spellbound, Surge, and others. Kayela
was an honorary member of Surge -- Lynne played until 7 months
pregnant. The Lovattos moved to Caldwell County from San Diego in
1978 and have played music here ever since.

David says, "Like all marriages, we have had our ups and downs, but
with playing music together there always seems to be a little magic
with us that keeps us staying together."

On I Do Re Mi:
"What's Good for Goose Ain't Always Good for the Gander"
"You've Been on My Mind"

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