Caldwell County Traditional
Musicians Showcase

April 2002

David & Nancy Abernethy

David is a physician at Caldwell Industrial Medicine and Outpatient Care.
Nancy is a School Counselor at Davenport A+ School. They've been married
14 years as of last Tuesday.

The Abernethys met in the Caldwell-Lenoir Community Band. They were
friends for a long time before there was any thought of becoming
a couple. David and Nancy have two children: Hannah (10) and Mikah (5).
Hannah has taken Susuki violin lessons since the age of three and has
a beautiful singing voice. She takes piano from Rhonda Smith. Mikah
also shows musical ability and has just begun taking Suzuki guitar.

David and Nancy play in Puddingstone, a unique musical group playing
"time machine" music with a mix of ancient and modern instruments,
melodies and cultures.

David was born and raised here and went to Lenoir High School. Nancy was
born in Jackson, Mississippi, moved here after 1st grade, and went to
Hudson High School. They don't talk about the intense rivalry between
these schools, but Nancy does wonder how she ended up married to a LHS grad.
The Abernethys live in Lenoir and have a primitive farm in Draco.

David has many interests besides music: growing vegetables, sawmilling,
sailing, and 18th Century living history. Nancy likes to immerse herself
in fiber arts projects: spinning wool from their sheep, natural dyes,
weaving, knitting, and quilting.

On I Do Re Mi:
"The Gravel Walk"
"Ashokan Farewell"

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