Moon in Eclipse

The 91% eclipsed moon on March 23-24, 1997. Had I known that a partial lunar eclipse could be so beautiful, I would have roused my friends and made a big deal of it. More people would seen the Moon turn to embers beneath Mars, beneath Leo. As it is, I watched this restlessly in my backyard, hovering at the eyepiece of the 5-inch refractor while the Moon faded, reddened, and began to glow softly among the stars of Virgo. Here are all the sunsets and sunrises of Earth, brought together. Photographed on Fuji HG-400, 15 seconds through a 5-inch AP @ F4.5.

Hale-Bopp in the Evening Sky

In the eastern United States, the eclipse came too late to darken the sky before Hale-Bopp set. Here is the comet awash in a sky made blue by the light of the Moon. 5-inch AP, F4.5, 60 seconds on HG-400.